Building the Barn

Building the Barn

07/29/2013 - 3 COMMENTS

Before we talk about building the barn, here is some background

Last fall, we bought 10 acres down by Plattville IL. We are raising hay on the acres and have purchased some old machinery to make it work.

At some point we need a place to store any hay we might produce until we sell it, but also a place to store the machinery we use to cut and bale the hay. With that introduction, here we are with the barn itself. (yep, we're building it on our own)

In center, a 12x12 foot garage style door.

To the right, in the skinny slot... a steel entry door.

View from the other end. 16' opening on the left side, which should yield about a 15 foot + 2 or 3 inches of opening, sliding door.

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