Mower Transmission part 3

Mower Transmission part 3

06/07/2012 - 1 COMMENTS

I needed to get the inner case, so I also got this updated main shaft bearing kit. They don't sell the bearing by itself anymore, just the whole block/kit since they went to a stronger bearing. I realized I should have got these bearings after my initial order was done, so when I went for my second order I added them in.

There is the difference.

The next thing I didn't understand was what it meant to have 'wear' on the inner case. Doesn't look like much (upper right), until you see what a new one looks like (shiny like glass). Maybe enough to cause the power loss.

I think I found another of my problems. See those two pin looking things? Those are some valves of some kind. Turns out one of them was sticking on my old 'inner case' and should have moved smoothly. That probably is my problem, more than the case wear. Either way, it's all new now.

On the left, the new design. Spring first, then mesh filter, then valve. On the right is the old way (ball in first, then spring, then valve). On the new kit, they all work smoothly.

Did these parts work? I don't know. I put them in around a month ago. I drove the mower around the yard a bit after I put this all back together, but since then have not started it. We've been so dry, no reason to fire it up. Hope it all lasts another few years and not another few minutes.

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