Whirlpool Fridge Repair AGAIN

Whirlpool Fridge Repair AGAIN

08/31/2011 - 1438 COMMENTS

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This is the new circuit board. The problem with our Whirlpool fridge was when we would open the door on the fridge side we would hear a inkkkkk inkkkkkk inkkkkk repeated buzzing sound coming from somewhere below in the fridge.

I pulled it out and was able to isolate it to the white box in the rear of the fridge.

This board is about 90 bucks, maybe 95 from sears. I paid about 65 from rip-n-off-u.com, seems to be the same board, worked out of the gate, so maybe we are going to be ok there.

That plastic white box holds the board.

New board from rip-u-off.com on the left, original on the right.. seems mostly similar.

Again, new on the left, old on the right... and wow.. a black scortch spot on the old one...

So far so good on the whirlpool appliances not burning down the house. (recall the dishwasher post where I was also surprised the whirlpool dishwasher didn't burn down the house?)

Why not burn a hole in the back of that white box container?

Board installed, fridge working fine again... and I wonder.. How many Americans these days can pull this off for the $65? How many get the sears service involved and get stuck for the $120 board from them plus another 100 in labor? How many scrap the whole fridge and get a new one for $900? Final Question: How come the fridge I had growing up lasted 25 years and on this one, I'm on my 2nd major repair and we're still under 7 yrs with it?

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