Toyota Prius 2006 Spark Plug Change

Toyota Prius 2006 Spark Plug Change

04/17/2011 - 6 COMMENTS

This is what you start with. Need to move that thin-wide relay box up by the firewall and the air box in order to get to the plugs.

Uh..Ok Toyota.. so you don't pull a plug wire off here.. you pull up on this thing and find out it's 6 inches.. maybe 8 inches long and the plug is way down a hole.. hmmm..

I have this... 2 regular size extensions on a long socket 5/8".. But in the end, it's not tight on the plug so I had to take a piece of bail twine, put it through the socket so when I put the socket over the plug it would grab it enough to bring it out of the hole. Reverse the process to get the plug back in...

They have Iridium tips. 110,000 miles on the originals.

The folks on the internet are talking aluminum heads, put on this anti-seize to make sure the plugs don't freeze to the head in the next 7 or 8 years before they need to come out again.

There's a look at the anti-sieze on the plug, plus my twine grabber plan.

Something not real great about that 2nd plug from the left. But, as long as this thing's getting me to the train and back, do we really worry too much about that? :-)

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