Toyota Prius 12v Battery Change

Toyota Prius 12v Battery Change

02/21/2011 - 1 COMMENTS

If you have a prius or are thinking about working on one, the 12v battery that turns on all the computers as you start the car is located in the very rear passenger side of the car. It's below the floor level in the hatchback.

It's a little hard to see, but there is a black box between the camera and the battery. Unbolt all of it, including that black air tubing (used to warm or cool the giant battery packs)

Why wouldn't it be burried and bolted in so deep it's impossible to change out or hook up jumper cables to??

Yep, still ain't going anywhere until that black plastic air ducting is unbolted and removed...

The new one comes in this box.. with the ropes on it.. hmmm...

A shot with everything unbolted and lifted the battery out.

Am I going to set off the radiation alarms at the airport next time I go? so, wow.. this battery is packed in a box, then in a bag, then set in a complex cardboard encasement, then they put some kind of toxic contamination containment absorber in the box. Someone please give a shout out regarding how green this battery is, if it needs all this? Did I just destroy planet earth by needing another one of these?

Ok, the nuts and bolts on this deal. The battery is about $138.. add tax, more like $150. No core charge and if I wanted I could have the dealer install it for another $35.40. It took me about 20 minutes to change it out after I read online that I needed to dismantle the entire rear of the car to get it out, I grabbed the reigns from there and went to work. Had I not read that, I would probably have taken twice as long to change it knowing that no company would be so stupid as to bury the 12v battery beneith so much stuff that has to be taken out in order to change it.

There's the two side by side. The way the cables are on the battery in the car, it's actually easier to unbolt the other end of the negative cable from the car body rather than to unbolt the connector from the terminal. So, while I have it all apart, I move the cable to the new battery and then install it all back together.

$150 does not get you a battery that comes with a new breather tube. You have to move the one from the old battery over to the new battery.

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