2008 Sienna Oil Change DIY

2008 Sienna Oil Change DIY

11/21/2009 - 8215 COMMENTS

To change the oil on a 2008 Toyota Sienna, and like minded years of Siennas and in Avalons and other vehicles with the same motor... There's the plug, it's very accessable and on the back side of the oil pan. Use a 14mm end wrench.

This is my first time taking off the canister filter so I had to put on my MacGuyver commando gear and make it happen. More on that to come, for now, it's off and that's where it goes back...

Ok, I'm showing you this while it's off the van, but let's talk about how you begin to remove the canister from the engine when it's full of oil. You have this plug type thing on the bottom of the canister. Put a 3/8 inch ratchet in that square hole and unscrew it. You'll get enough oil on your hand you'll want a paper towel, but the bulk of the oil does not come out at this point. Notice that rubber o-ring. You got a new one of those in the new oil filter box. Replace it.

See how a 3/8 inch ratchet fits in that plug hole...

Ok, so you're under your van, the canister is still full of oil, but you have that plug removed. This plastic thing came with your new filter. The trick is to jam it (takes a lot, kinda hard) up into the hole all in one fast hard motion so the oil starts to drain out of the canister into the catch pan below. I'm guessing you'll be on your 2nd or 3rd oil change before you get this down. (No, Toyota, this is not handy at all)

After that oil stops draining, you're sitting there looking at the canister wondering if this is a joke or candid camera or what. Your tin filter remover will not likely grip the bottom of the canister enough to break it loose for removal. Toyota tech's have something better, not sure what... Go get yourself a pair of the 16" water pump pliers or whatever you call these pliers. Open them all the way up, squeeze the handles all the way together (which does not squeeze the canister) and now you have something you can leverage that can catch on these two tabs to loosen the canister. $15 bucks for cheapo brand at Menards.

Let me interject here... this whole disaster of a plan is somehow "green" in that we don't throw away a metal container every time an oil filter is changed thus saving the earth. Keep this thought in mind for what I have to show you later.

The old paper element goes out... The new one goes in... There was also a bigger o-ring that came with the new filter that goes around the canister.

It turns nicely back up to it's spot under the engine. At this point, snug it up... but remember you're not in a power lifting competition for gold at the olympics... snug, not broken.. is the rule..

Wow Dino... that's a lot of oil... Are you sure we're green here? The 1978 ford pickup with a 351M V8 used 5 quarts per oil change. Sienna needs 6.5 quarts? Um.. Yep... in fact, it almost overflowed my catch pan when I dumped it. I'll shoot for a better plan next time to keep some back from the catch pan I guess.

Use a 14mm wrench on the oil plug, but we said that already.

How do you turn off the "Maintenance Needed" alert on the dashboard on a 2008 Sienna? Make sure the odometer is set on actual vehicle miles (not trip A or trip B)... Turn off the key... Hold down the little push rod for changing the odometer to trip A -> trip B -> Odometer... turn on the key. Watch the dashes - - - - in the space where the odometer is... once it's gone down to 0 dashes and back to your mileage, you can let up and turn off the key.

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