Ativa (Office Depot) Shredder

And how this company really sucks!

February 8, 2007


There is an update to this:  March 12, 2007


What do you want for Christmas?  How about a shredder that can eat a whole Citibank bill in one pass?

So, that's what Tom and Carol got me for Christmas.

And, it was pretty nice.  For 44 whole days, it did great.  I would guess we had 2 mostly full baskets of shredded material, and about 1/4 of a basket when we got to tragic day 45.

Kim put another 0% for 6 months offer of some sort right down the middle.  The shredder sounded a bit odd, but who knows, it's still new to us.  Then I fed a single page through it a few minutes later and knew things were different.

A single page now more or less just gets all wrapped up and gummed up in the rollers.  It struggles to shred the single page.

Upon further evaluation, the cutters are destroyed.  That's rather odd that it ruined the cutters, never jammed and is now ruined.  What's worse is that Office Depot is completely hands off.  The store flatly turned me to the 800 phone number.  The 800 phone number took 48 minutes for a guy to pick up the phone who had zero sympathy for my situation.  I need to ship to him, he waits 3 weeks and sends me a new one.  I pay the shipping on my end, they pay the shipping for the new one.

Flat out:  I will never buy another item of any kind from Office Depot.  

This story is not over.  I am just now engaging in war with Office Depot.  Everything is on the table including refusal of charges on the Credit card for the original purchase with the dispute being how the warranty is being handled.  This site is my record of events.  Office Depot has every opportunity to call me up and make this right.  If they do, this site will reflect their efforts.  If they don't, this site will reflect their efforts.  May the best most persistent man win!

First, a look at the damage...


Then, a look at the warranty.

1 Year warranty on the whole thing.  3 Year warranty on the cutting cylinders.  This model has been out how long?  I don't know, but I'd bet on less than a year.  It's been a long time since I've dealt with a company that completely stonewalls their customer on the support end.  Office Depot is doing just that.

I rolled the rollers a little, then took another picture.  Here are some embarrassing shots for Office Depot and the Ativa DQ120D.  If Office Depot wants these taken down, they can get in touch with me and make arrangements.  Your guy in the RMA department has my information, you can get in touch with me, and I hope you do.























Hopefully Tom can get his money back on his Credit Card.  Why would anyone want a replacement of this?