Sump Pump

February 4, 2007



I put on the 'mud rings' which in this case is that front plate which will hold a wall outlet later in life.  Put the cardboard in there because when the drywall is installed, you more-or-less look at the position of the outlet.... put the drywall over the top of this thing.... then use a rotozip to cut the box out.. the tip of the rotozip follows the mudring around.  You don't want to accidentally rotozip your wires, so put the cardboard to hold the wires back.




I was in Sams club getting other things and thought I'd look at the jack layout of the new TV's.  The more I looked, the more I realized I wasn't up to date on how things work.  Connections from DVD players to TV's are not a 3 wire component, but a 5 wire component.  RGB video, and Stereo audio.  So, I went and spent a couple bucks to get Monster Cable for both of those and put it in the walls here.




Doesn't cost much to leave the 3 wire component in the wall, so I'll let it be.




Got a letter from State Farm insurance the other day showing the current coverage for the house.  One rider I could add would be to cover any losses if we were to have a water flood in the basement from a sewage or sump overflow (note, Noah style flooding still not covered).  The rider would be $72/yr, have a $1000 deductible and only cover $5000 in stuff.  So, if I lost $6000 in stuff, it would cost me $1000 to get it all fixed.

What to do?  The furnace and water heaters are already on pedestals so we need at least 4 inches of water to touch them, probably a foot to do damage.  We don't have the washer/dryer and all the other major appliances down there.  It's not finished down there... so, we are basically trying to cover the exercise equiptment and all the boxes of junk laying all over the place.

We need to just get anything valuable off the floor.  And... Be more careful about keeping it dry.  I'd tell anyone around here they are crazy to run without a backup sump pump.... yet... we've gone over 2 years without a backup.... until today.  In fact, the original sump pump is the backup.  This new Ridgid is the new primary sump pump.  It comes with a "Lifetime Warranty" so if it goes bad, I have to swap back in the original pump, get conditions under control and run this ridgid back over to home depot. 

Did you know that Home Depot owns Ridgid?  I didn't.  They do, and that means if this thing goes bad, I haul it back in to home depot and get a new one.  With Flotec, I'd have to send it in to them to get a new one.  These things are heavy so it would cost $15 or so and take forever to get that swapped.


This is the original.  No branding on the pump itself.  I did see a brand on a tag on the cord, but don't recall what it is.  Nothing anyone has ever heard of.