Closet Shelving

January 28, 2007


After 2 years, this bedroom is getting some shelving.  This is the $70 bucks does the whole closet plan from Home Depot.


I put up 12" deep going all the way across, and 16" deep shelves on the ends.  Interesting factoid.  Home depot has this shelving in 8 foot lengths and 12 foot lengths.  My closet is 122 inches, so I would have been happy with a 10 foot piece.  I can get a 10 foot long piece in the prius, but a 12 footer wont fit.  Where is that F250 when I need it?  Yep, gone... so... thankfully I have a cordless Milwaukee Sawsall that I threw in the car.  Outside Home Depot, I am measuring and marking at 122 inches and lopping it off.  I in fact was the only guy in the home depot parking lot cutting my materials to length.  Most of the guys there wait until they are on the job site. 


This is a pretty simple system.  Once you figure out the height, you probably want to put a painters tape across, then mark a level line.  Mark for holes at 16 inch intervals and make sure you are 'off the studs'.  If you are drilling into studs, this system won't work. 


Once you have the wall clips drilled, take off the painters tape, insert the plastic clips and then tap the 'nail' in.  That nail spreads the plastic duhickie so it holds in the drywall.  Hang your shelf on those clips, then one at a time put the supporting braces in.  To get the shelf level, put a board on the wire rack and your level on the board.  push it up until it's slightly 'more than level' in the tipped up direction.  Mark for the lower hole, remove the bracket, drill that hole, put the bracket back in place, insert the lower plastic other kind of duhickie and tap the nail into place.  The whole deal took a couple hours.  If you were in a jam the whole thing could be done well in about 30 minutes.


It's Birthdays time again.  In January we have Aunt Pat, Tom and Kim's birthdays all within a few days.  We typically have a single gathering to celebrate them all and I've become somewhat of a legend with the cake.  Once again, the pressure is on.


It's not that big of a deal.  2 cake mixes.  Put the first one down on the cookie sheet, let it cool a bit while the second one is cooking.  If you have an electric carving knife, use it to 'flatten' the mound on the the cake.  Saw it flat.  Then light frosting on that first layer.  When the second cake is cooked, let it cool even more than the first before putting it on here.  You don't want that hot cake to melt the frosting you have down into a liquid that sinks to the bottom.  When it's all together, frost it up.  Do some terrible handwriting with a colored accent frosting, then add the raspberries. 


Three hundred fifty six thousand, three hundred seventy three.   Wow Grandpa, I didn't know you were THAT old!!  Kids are fun.  Shea and Brenna love raspberries.  I let them finish off the container out of the fridge as a warm up, then they were trying to sneak some off the cake too.






Aunt Pat got elected to blow out the candles for the trio, but she had some good helpers.


The cake turned out really good.  Time to start thinking of what to do for next year when we are a combined 366474.