New 4x4

January 20, 2007



Why work on the known projects when you can work on new ones?


This 2x4 was originally to hold that beam above while the construction guys built everything else around it.  After that, it doesn't hurt to leave it, so they do.  Structurally, it's not really supposed to be up to much.

Then, it's bowing more and more over time so I talked it over with Tom last time he was here and it really is a bit of a problem.

As the roof sinks a bit right here, no real big deal, but if it does go a couple more inches, other things have to move.  The garage wall will push out a little, stress on other places. 


I put the jack on a 2x12 that's sitting on 3 other stringers.  Then I got another good 2x4 to use to take the pressure off the bent one.  Take the bent one out.




Cut a 4x4 to length and put it in place.  This 4x4 is green treat because I couldn't find a 10 foot 4x4 that wasn't treated.  I don't think the treat will matter here, but it doesn't need to be.  The bottom of this rests on the garage wall below.  I plumbed it up and put a couple screws in just in case somehow the sun comes out and this thing looses traction up top.