Happy New Year

January 7, 2007


Wow how time flies.  Just a blur ago, I started my little vacation stint.  Doesn't seem like I've gotten a whole lot done and it's time to go back to work.


Tom and Carol got this shredder for me for Christmas.  It's perfect and excellent for us, and for our needs.  I'm sure there are office and industrial needs greater than this thing, but for home, this is excellent.  It makes diamond shaped confetti out of pretty much everything.  Before this, the only reason I ever opened a citibank mail was to get it to 3 or 4 smaller bundles for shredding.  Now they go right in the hopper without a second glance.   The confetti or diamond cutting is also much better than the strips in that the strips tend to fill the basket with only a few pages of paper through.  Thanks Tom & Carol, excellent choice!




I'm doing some finishing wiring now, trying to anticipate a little into the future and also make things nicer going into this the first time.  This rack of boxes will be a few wallplates that you'll find behind the DVD/VCR player one day.  I have:

1.  Source COAX bringing in the Cable TV signal

2.  LAN from the computer.... so that, if the next generation of DVD/VCR/Gizmo will plug into a lan jack and get/do stuff off the internet, I'll be ready.  I guess a PS3 or XBox 360 would plug into this right now.

3.  Power

4.  I put a 'phone' cable into this space way back when we built the house.  It's CAT5 line to the basement that could be tied to the LAN down there if I want.  Rather than bury it in the wall, I'm going to label it and put in a jack there.

5.  COAX from here to the Computer desk so that I can have TV signal into the computer if I ever want that.

6.  COAX from here to the TV

7.  Component video to the TV

These notes are for me mostly.  An eon or two from now when I'm done with the drywall, I probably will be back here trying to figure out where all the wires go.




This is where the TV goes on the wall.  We are willing to be a 'review' site for any manufacturers wanting us to evaluate your 42" LCD or Plasma TV.


Again, the VCR goes over there on the shelf.  It gets source from those boxes and delivers output back into the wall (hopefully no cables strung across to the TV).  The TV is where the 4 boxes are on the right side.  My guess is, the TV will conceal the wallplates there.


Back to the computer desk and the ever expanding number of boxes on the wall here.


I added a box here to deliver LAN to the VCR/DVD area, and to the TV (Box top left).  I also added a LAN cable to the top right box that just goes to the other end of the desk.  The idea here is that I'll have the hub plugged in down here.  I can use a short patch cable back into the second plug here and turn on a LAN printer on the other end of the desk, or a second computer on that end without stringing the wire.  I'd guess this thing will be a disaster of wires in spite of all the fun I'm having here, but why not try anyhow.


For future reference...