I'm back to work

December 30, 2006


At least sorta..  I've been on a bit of a break from the bonus room project but did make some recent progress.  This page goes over the question of...  What could possibly be worse than having that new computer desk all spanked out and have some problem with the LAN connection?  Not much, that would be a killer.


I have a lot of wires in the walls around here.  Prior to this little project, the LAN Cat5 wire in this box was unused.  I wanted to leave the 'other' LAN connection untouched as I pursue getting the connection for the new desk.  Step 1 was to get live LAN from the basement to the 'white CAT5 feed' coming out of that box.  Once I had that, I'm back to where I was before I started this, only now, I have 2 live LAN jacks in the current computer area.  I run the second cat5 cable here from the new desk to here, put an end on it and plug it into the yellow lan cable.


The other end of that new cable is in the top-row, right box.  I put an end on that and now we want to know if it's gonna work?

Also, see the 9 cords hanging out in the indentation below?  Each one goes to one of the 9 boxes on the 2nd row of boxes.  From here, I will drywall this up, attach plugins to the 9 boxes.  Down where the plugs are, I will put in probably at least one UPS, and the rest at least on decent surge protection which will then give UPS or surge protection to all the junk plugged into the outlets up there.

The top-right box has a Coax cable that goes over to the VCR area.  I'm probably going to try to run another line paralell to this in case it ever makes sense to go 'out' from the computer into the TV area.  Who knows.. probably not long before we can stream some stuff (movies?) over the internet and then view them on the TV.  Another line would allow me input Cable to the TV as well as the ability to run a source signal from the computer area to the TV viewing area.  I'm also going to run a couple LAN CAT5 cables over there.  How long will it be before our TV's will plug right into the LAN?  In fact, that would be pretty cool to more-or-less web browse for your channels.




Yay!  I won't say that any idiot can do this stuff....  But, I will go as far as to say that this idiot did get this line to work.  :-)




I know it's not the most pretty thing to do, but you just gotta label this stuff or you'll lose track of what you got and never figure it out.  When I move to the bonus desk, I am 99% sure I can take a 18" lan patch cable, plug into both of these and have my primary source moved to the new desk.  Then, I have a nice loop here for kids to yank on when they visit.  At that point, I may want to put it all in the box and put a 'blank' cover here.


Until then, I have my source from the basement on the right and the ability to light up the jack at the new desk on the left.