Merry Christmas

December 25, 2006



Just dinkin with camera settings.  I don't want to brag, but this is the second Christmas with no mantel where I had the mantel in progress.  In fact, I think I haven't worked on it in over 12 months now.  Not for lack of other things to be doing, just haven't finished that one up yet.


Kim's family came over for Christmas dinner on Christmas eve.  We had a Ham - n - Fixins kinda dinner.  All Great people!


My sister Sunni in England found this place on the internet that makes/sells these apples.  I'd guess they do them year round, but we've just seen them for Christmas the last 2 years.  They taste as good as they look which is weird for a product like this.   Thankfully they are calorie free as well.  (if you're willing to be delusional about the calories)


Unable to eat this thing in a single sitting (or single day), we put lemon juice on the exposed part of the apple to keep it from going brown.  Tomorrow my sweet treat... will be your last!!


I'm having a hard time remembering exactly when I got this monitor.  I know I had it quite a while before I got married, so probably in the 2000, 2001 range.  When we were in the apartment in 2003, the thing would squeal something fierce at times, so I'd smack it on the side of the case in an attempt to get it to settle down and it would... for a while, then back to the squeal.  Then we moved and here it is over 2 years later.  For some reason it hasn't done the squeal thing since we moved, but it is growing increasingly black.  As with the king of soul this Christmas, out with the old....  and...


in with the new...  Merry Christmas Kim.  She gets me a baby for Christmas... Greg said I need to reply to that with diamonds, but instead I get this?  Am I fired?


I have a ways to go with the cords and cleaning of the desk.  I'm not sure that will come before the move to the new computer area or not.  It is really nice to have the desk space back.  The old monitor is in the 'attic' for the day when we have no monitor but need one...  which is clutter-speak for "My kids can throw it out 50 years from now when I'm in the nursing home and they can't figure out why I packed away all this crap"

I'm not familiar with Hanns G, but it seems nice, had a deep discount with a $50 rebate and a 3 year warranty.  Stay tuned.