More Work in the Bonus Area

December 10, 2006

Monday, December 4, 2006, Grandma Hymers passed away after a few days in the hospital.  She was 92 and has gone on to leave a legacy of great people in her path.  She will be missed by all who knew her.


I want to pull the warm air that gets trapped high in the loft area into the bonus space.  Clear out a stud space and chop back the header.


Test out the fan.  This is a 8" inline fan.  I wired it to a switch to try it out.  Like this, it seems to blow a nice amount of air.


Put in something to tie the tin to.


Hook the vent to a 5 foot piece of the tubing.


Put these little sheet metal screws in all the joints to keep them from moving around too much.


This is the real reason for duct tape.


This is the 'before Daron screws up the ceiling' photo.


Um... Hope this is gonna work.. that seems a little permanent.






That's what we were looking for.


It comes in here, turns 90 degrees, has the fan unit, reduces from 8" to 6", converts from round to oval and goes down the wall.


This is the cover.  I just need to levitate over the stairway and install it.




This is where the computer will eventually be.  The little cubby thing is where house power goes into surge protectors and battery back up units before going to wall sockets.


These two vent pipes come from 7" origin and each reduce to 6" just before coming out the wall.  We will see how it goes, but mostly I was concerned that having just one would make a situation where we get a high wind out of the one rather than a calmer air dump into the space.




This is the other end.  Somewhere here, I need to bring the air up from the basement via the interior of the garage, into the space here and hook this up.


This desktop will be about 72 x 34.   This chipboard will go on now.  Then I drywall around it all and after the drywall is done I put a finished 3/4" maple plywood on top of this with a 2" maple hardwood front lip.




Top left is a box for coax.  Top right is for Cat5 LAN.  Row 2 is power outlet box 1-9 which should give me 18 outlets to plug in stuff without having power strips and wads of cords.  Also, it's a bummer when you have a 5 outlet power strip with a big transformer block plugged in and no ability to plug in the next cord.  I'm pretty sure I have about 10 things to plug in.  I'll be able to leave the cords for cameras and things in the wall, maybe a desk lamp or something.  


See the 3 boxes in the shadows... each one has 3 places where a cord will come up through the hole and over to one of these boxes.  The plug hangs down in the space and when plugged into a surge protector will provide surge protected power to one outlet.  Replicate x 9.


Real - straight power comes in through those 4 boxes.  I will probably put a total of 10 outlets in there just so I could always make all 9 above live without the surge protectors.  In reality, I'll probably have a battery backup down here to power a couple of the outlets above and a couple good surge protectors to plug the rest into.  It's nice they will have their own space beyond foot range back out of the way.  I thought of putting the outlets on switches, but that gets tricky.  You have someone flipping a switch and dropping power to things you didn't want to happen....  Switches can't be easily used to gate power to outlets since normal switches have a light load limit, more expensive ones handle higher loads, but mostly that's not a game I wanted to get into.

In the end, we have 18 plugins on 2 circuits.  In a small space like this, if you were plugging table saws and high load equipment into it, you'd be overloaded.  This system is designed to handle a lot of low use items plugged in to their own space.  aka.. you have the same thing with your computer or TV... One surge protector plugged into one outlet with the rest of the little things all plugged in the surge protector.


That structure should hopefully handle the desktop without it getting a 'smile' in the front.  The chipboard + plywood (glued together, and screws) should do the job.  The 2x4 on the wall, plus the structure here will hopefully provide enough strength to make a nice desk, and no real chance of knocking my knees on a 2x4.