Clean Up the Snow

December 4, 2006

Monday, December 4, 2006, Grandma Hymers passed away after a few days in the hospital.  She was 92 and has gone on to leave a legacy of great people in her path.  She will be missed by all who knew her.



After the big December 1 snowfall, the driveway had a pretty good covering.  This was very wet, heavy, icy snow which is never good for someone shoveling, and even good snowblowers have a stressful time with it.





The amount varies.  In some places more of a foot deep, in others a couple inches.


I left it like this.  It's enough for the sun to hit the concrete and by today (dec 1), it's mostly cleaned off now even though it's not been above about 22 degrees the whole time.








So many people have heart attacks while doing snow removal.  Common theory is that these people exhert themselves and cause it.  I say its from the stress of a snowblower that starts, surges, dies and otherwise runs terrible.  The want to hurl if off a cliff is what drives the stress.  All kidding aside, the price was right on this thing, just the carb is junked (by age, not by use).  I imagine a good rebuilt carb would run better, or new engine.  I'm finding there are "Chinese Clones" where they basically rip off the Honda copyright to engines and sell them cheap.  I might put one of those on here and see how that 130 bucks goes.

The blue circle is a screw that sets the low point of the govenor.  I have it pretty much wide open so the engine sounds like it's gonna blow up with there is no load.  It's my best possible power when under load.  The green circle is the screw that seemingly turns itself out of wack over time (5 minutes) and I start to run crappy again, so I reach down and give a twist and it straightens up for a bit.  Maybe it needs a new spring.  That screw has a needle on the end of it. 

The hose that's bent over used to have a primer bulb on the end.  The mice ate it or it rotted off and is no good.  This piece of hose is crimped over with a ziptie.


Then, I'm off to cook a turkey.  For 6 bucks we'll have soup and meals for a while.  I only stuffed it with rice because I didn't have any stuffing on hand.  The rice was terrible when cooked this way.




I brush it down with olive oil, then salt it lightly, and garlic powder it lightly.


Cooked this one on 300 for 4 hours.  Turned out great.




This picture is a pull out of the one above.  I'm liking the detail the camera picked up here.


I picked up 5 more jugs (5 gallon each) of 8% Hydrogen Peroxide.  The carbon filter unit pre-injects a small amount of this into the waterline.  The H2O2 bonds to the sulfur molecules and creates a new particle that is large enough to get caught in the carbon filter.  Every night, the carbon filter flushes out and those particles go down the drain.  No more rotten egg smell in the water.


These are 28.xx bucks each.  I got 5 in August 2005 and now 5 more in December 2006.