Let it SNOW

December 1, 2006


Friday, December 1, is normally more of a work day where I get up and drive 65 miles to Bannockburn, work all day, then come home.  Thankfully, the reports were ominous about the impending storm that was supposed to drop 6 to 18 inches on us.  I was able to talk to the powers that be to arrange to work from home rather than face the perils of that drive on a day like this.


This was about 6am.




More mid morning.




The snow was really wet when it came down.  So, after about an hour it was turning to a big sheet of crust.  It was rough going with the snowblower.




Then I noticed snow on this..... inside one of my dormers. 


And on the floor.... hmmmm....


Something is wrong up here.  I'll check it out next time I'm working in there.


This was all done last weekend during Turkey break. 




I planned it for having the same chipboard that's on the floor goes on top of that so if anyone decides to sit on it, they'll be fine and not go through.  Drywall goes over the chipboard too.


One day we will have a TV over there.


I have the angle corner here because that vent comes up right here and there was no way to just go over it.  Something had to give, so I put a 45 degree angle to the corner here.