Black Friday

November 24, 2006


This is the big haul from Black Friday.  I was hoping the Black&Decker workmate would be the heavier version we had when I was growing up.  I think I have about 18 or 20 bucks into all this stuff.




Ace Hardware didn't have quite the sale this year that they have had in the past.


It's supposed to snow soon, so I got the snowblower out of the summer pile.  I checked the oil, added a bit of gas, then put a few drops of gas down the spark plug and it pretty well started right up.


I'm torn what to do.  Probably I could get a good Honda motor for this thing for about $130 or so out of a place in texas.  This one has one option.  Run at full blast.  If it lugs, you lose power.  You can't idle it down, it just runs full blast or dies.  Maybe I just run it like this until I 'need' something better or until I replace this engine with a better running engine and keep the rest of this thing forever. 

It really doesn't have very many hours on it.  Dad bought it for Grandpa probably 1982-1985.  As far as we know, Grandpa used it once or never.  It sat inside for years.  Then, in the mid 90's when Grandpa was at the end of his life, Dad got it back and basically never used it either.  In 2003, I went out to Montana for Greg's wedding and met my brother to bring it back to Illinois.  I used it 5 or so hours last year.  It doesn't work half bad, but you can't trust it if you needed to clear the driveway to get to work (or worse, if we had 10 inches of snow and needed to get someone to the ER for some reason).  The Prius has about 5 inches of clearance.  If you don't get rid of the snow, you're not going anywhere.

This is an attempt at taking a picture of a gas fireplace.  It's more of a tripod shot, but this didn't do too bad.