Install the Shelf

November 20, 2006


No shelf here, and that's a problem.


Figure out how high you want the shelf.  How wide is the wall space (44in), half is 22.  The shelf supports are 14.5" apart, that leaves 29.25 from the one edge, drill a hole.  The plans ask for a 1/4 inch hole.


After this hole is drilled, we want a level next hole.  Whip out your handy Black and Decker auto laser level and have your lovely assistant hold it on the first hole.  Mark 14.5 inches to the right, mark on the red line, drill a second hole.


Put the plastic plugs in the holes, tap them flush to the drywall.  Screw the provided screws into the plastic plug, mound the shelf supports and then put the top piece on.


Add the bunnies.


And, we're done.