More Wiring

November 19, 2006



The Can Lights come in a box like this.  We try to stay with Juno brand Down-Lites since they are reasonable cost and recommended by the electrician the Tom uses.  Apparently, you can save a couple bucks per can light and then end up with functionality issues later in life.  I don't need to learn that one for myself.


Also, buying them in a new box six pack means I'm not getting one that someone else picked off the shelf, stole a piece or two out of it and left the store.  Lowes carries the Juno around here, Home Depot does not.




I tried my best to get the spacing and centering spot on.  I'll be disappointed if we get the drywall all done and finished and these are staggered.  By putting 3 in the space, I subject myself to this kind of mental torment.



I installed the end two first, then ran a string on center of both of those.  Then I put the middle one in, centered on the string.


I got the can's installed in both dormers today, but only conduit done in the east one.  On one pipe coming into the ceiling here, I have 3 cans to pipe to, 3 power outlet boxes (2 inside the dormer, one facing out of the wall on the left side of the picture that will be out of the dormer), and one pipe down to the light switch.  In tight space, the plumbing is complex.


I actually have my battery chargers plugged in here now.