Some Wiring

November 13, 2006


Auto Mode, the flash goes off and I get goofyness with the window, the image is too dark.


Not much better..


Playing with the settings myself, too dark.


Better, but not quite there.


Whoa, too much... but fun all the same.


This is probably the one I was trying for.






Back to wiring.  I tapped into a second circuit for the bonus area.  I will put about half the lights on one, half on the other.  Split up power outlets between the two, and have computer power from both.  Getting the second circuit into the work area was 2/3 the battle tonight.  After that was done, I added a couple boxes.  The upper one will contain the light switch for the area over the garage.  I have a light up there already.  I also have good power to that lower box which will be an outlet on the inside of the space.  In fact, I'll probably put it together and start hooking my lights and drills and stuff to it rather than a cord under the door.


On this side, we see the switch for the lights over the garage.  I should be able to move a little faster with the conduit for the bonus room area now that I have my two power sources available.