More Bonus Room

November 12, 2006


This is the area over the garage.  I planned on doing electrical today, but found these MFD boards in my way, so I put down the floor here.  This will just be a place to put stuff...  For example, when we take the Christmas tree down in March.. we put it here until October when we put it back up again.  :-)  Yes, we do have our tree up already.  In fact, it's been about a week already.


I didn't press the lens to the glass, but kept it away maybe an inch.  Seems to have picked up a lens flare from the flash as well as showing a couple concentric circles in the shape of the lens.  Weird, but free.  This is our north view out of the bonus area west dormer window.


This is a poorly lit room, the picture did pretty good I think.


No job around the house officially starts until you have a 8pack under way.


Again, fairly dimly lit.  Longer exposure helps it turn out.


I gotta do something about that 2x4.  I think it was originally to hold up the header beam during construction, but not foundational.  Then they leave it in there and now it's doing that.  Seems I should put one on either side of it and start clamping until it's straight again, then screw the 3 together real good.




Here is my magic cart.  Roll it all over and work on electric in the ceiling.  Right now I have 2 spools of wire on the fancy dispenser.  When I get serious, I'll put 4 or 5 rolls on there.