Beans and the Bonus Room

November 6, 2006



I made up this way to cook beans.  It cooks them in about an hour and I don't get the mush problem or the hard inside thing with them.


Sort out anything you don't want to eat.  Small rocks are good for digestion, but hard on the teeth.  The lone stray black bean is also suspect.


Put about 2 inches of water in the pressure cooker.  Make sure you have that gizmo with the holes in it so the glass is not sitting on the bottom of the cooker.


Fill this thing up 80% full with water.


I don't think it does much, but put in some red pepper and garlic.


Put the lid on.


Set it in the cooker.


Let the fire rage until you get some steam out of the spout.


Put on the rocker weighted thing...


As pressure builds, the lock thing in the back pops up...


Once it's at 15 pounds, start the clock to 45 minutes.  Turn the burner down to about medium.  You want to maintain now, not build.


After the 45 minutes is up, turn off the burner and walk away.  Once it gets down to 0 and the lock drops, open it up.


From here, I put these in a strainer and wash them out.  From there they go in a plastic container in the fridge to be used in lunches.


I have the floor done here now.  Some short walls to build, electrical coming up too.