At the Bears Game

October 29, 2006


This is mostly just a bunch of pictures from my faint hearted camera of the game today.  Bears 41, 49ers 10.  It was really fun, I highly recommend it.










Jason on the left, Dale is doing his satan impression.  :-)  It's kinda amazing how many Bears fans will engage Dale for wearing the colors for the opposing team.  He has a great time with it.  Don came out for the game also.  The three of them helped me haul 12 sheets of 3/4" chipboard up the stairs on Saturday night after they were all worn out.  Thanks Guys!!








I think you're  better off at home than those seats way up there.  We had pretty good seats where we were.


There is a huge jumbotron at both ends.  This one is behind us.


We were 15 rows up, right in the center of the goal posts on the north end.


I believe it's right around 69,000 that fits in all those seats.  The far away jumbotron is big enough to see the replays and the score.  It was a great day for the game... About 60 degrees, little wind, lot of sunshine.


That guy with the fence had a buddy with the D.  I'm not sure they knew there was a game in progress.  They were looking to get on TV.








Everyone at the stadium thinks they are Brian Urlacher.  There was actually only real elvis in the house today.






Great time, thanks for coming out here guys, come back anytime!