Bears Game

October 29, 2006


I'm not sure I'm taking the camera to the game since it may be confiscated at the door.  To be determined.  For now, here's the tickets and stuff.

I don't do it much, but this page, the images are staying big so you can read the fine print if that interests you.  I'll point out my favorites as we go.


Face value is reasonable.  Actual value may vary.


Makes you think you have a paid parking pass that would be included with your season tickets.


But, no... read the fine print on the back side of the parking pass and find out it's only a pass giving us the right to pay the posted rate for parking.  $40 per car.  Wow, I've never parked a car for $40 before.  I only get caught in the sticker shock because I had no idea the packed stadium was costing the folks this kinda cash every time I see a game on TV.

The fine print on the back of the ticket mostly comes down to some vague wording that means the stadium can do what the heck they want to you and find a way to justify it in an interpretation of this language.


This is from the guys we got the tickets from.  Basically if you smoke, they toss you out of the game and they don't want you losing your ticket value for making that mistake.  Mostly they don't want you getting in trouble while holding on to one of their season tickets, thus getting them into trouble.  That's fine and makes sense.  No one in our group smokes and we're all glad to be in the no smoking area.