Tool Sale

October 21, 2006


Anytime you have a downturn in an industry, there are going to be some people that get effected by the lack of need.  In this case, the industry is housing (which has cooled a lot recently), and the people effected are Kim's cousins family.  Building new houses came to a dead halt in Norfolk Nebraska and so they needed to get out of the business, sell the tools and move on to what we all hope is greener grass very soon.

In the mean time, they were selling their tools and given the obvious need for them in their hometown, they decided to trailer them to Naperville and have a sale.  In my opinion, the sale went very well.  Only some of the hard to sell big dollar items were left, we had great weather and a steady flow of people coming with the exception of the first hour and a half when it was heavy traffic flow.


This is my view out the window at work. 


On the left, some dewalt quick change gizmos for the drill.  A pretty full box of 2" Senco nails that fit that Senco trim nailer.  That's the exact same nailer that we borrowed from Chris when we were doing base trim on the house, but we never gave it back yet.  A couple grinder discs for our 4" metal grinder.



A thick heavy power cord..


Bosch planer.  It works pretty good, I used it to trim down a 2x4 today.




There are 2 sets of new blades in there for when I wreck the ones that are installed.


This drill.  It's a good drill..  Really heavy and heavy duty.  It works for what I need, but I was thinking it was a 'lighter' 3/8 drill, more nimble when I picked it out.  It's good though.


And, I forgot to take a picture of the blower fan.  I got a squirrel cage fan for the loft circulation.