A little crash bang boom

October 18, 2006


As best I can tell, Kim was taking a left out of a street, across double lanes into double lanes where there is a bit of a cement median between the NB and SB lanes.  It was drizzling a bit and there was a bit of a crash.  She looked left, looked right, had to wait just a bit and then got part way out when she realized there was a car coming from the left.  All in a blur, the decision to back up, or what to do happened and the crash happened.


The bumper assembly is a hair pulled to your left here.  See the gap on this side of the hood (keep that in mind)..


Check the gap here I guess...  The 3 tick marks on the top lip of the bumper on the far left of this picture were from prior events where someone in a parking lot or something gave a scrape.


Here is where we see this whole gig pulled to (the left as you sit here).  Just enough you see the gap is different than the other side.




The license plate is form fit to the bumper now.  We have State Farm Insurance and they seem to be taking care of everything very well.  I am mostly glad she didn't get T-Boned in this car.  I'm not sure if there would be a worse vehicle to get in that kind of collision than this one.  I'm really glad she's ok, we can find more plastic, paint and metal but we only have one Wonderful Sweet Girl and we need to keep her safe!