Hot Rods in Quincy IL

October 15, 2006


We went to Quincy IL for Kims Mom's Parents (Grandparents) 65th wedding anniversary celebration.  While there we saw the hotrod show.


They lined about a mile long stretch of their main street with cars on both sides, and up about a block north and south at each street along the way.  Maybe about 1000 hotrods.





V12 in a Packard.  Just under 500 cu in, 52hp.


The dash, same car








They all ain't pretty.






The two IL to MO bridges.  I got gas on the MO side for 1.919.


This is "The Pier" where we had the 65th anniversary celebration.


The couple of honor.  Grandpa and grandma Miller, Happy 65th.


I did more work on the loft and am all the way to the back of this dormer. 




More hotrods.  This one is by far the best paint job of them all.