Yet More Bonus Area Work

October 1, 2006


First, some shots of the homestead.  We had an awesome day today.  Mid 70's, mostly still... excellent!!
































7.5 months old, 26,200 miles.  52.5mpg.


Got this area done, now I can put my junk there while I work in other areas.


Some progress, heading into that dormer next.


These are 8' studs which means they are 3 inches shorter than 8 feet I think.  I got 10 for use on my loft project.


The garden is flattened and tilled up.


Some peppers left growing.  I decided to leave them on the plant for another week or two until we can eat them.


The oil jug is cut, washed and designed to keep the rain from getting the mouse poison wet.  It's in the trap to keep dogs or other domestic animals out of it.


Maybe the mice will get in there and have a nibble on that bar bait since there is little else to eat around here now.