More Bonus Area Work

September 24, 2006


We had a heavy rain with a bit of hail.  I guess we'll take it since it was more like tornado territory on the southern more part of this storm.  We were on the fringe north edge of the weather system.


I put the camera up to a rain covered window and snapped a few.  To my best recollection, this camera was new in 1999.  It's a bit blurry, but the thing was pretty much a has-been when I got married in 2002.  I took it on Jetski trips with Ryan and the gang to Mead and Powell when it was new.  Not bad for 7 or 8 years and 13,000 pictures later.


There was a bit of pea-sized hail.  The biggest pieces were the size of a quarter, maybe half-dollar.  I think we got by pretty easy on this whole storm.


It doesn't look like much, but it sure feels like a huge step and a major victory.  These 2 4x8 sheets are glued and screwed down.  It was a pretty big deal to get them that way since the stringers they lay on needed to be custom leveled and raised up so that the floor will be level in the end.  Now I have a starting point.  Everything I to do get the decking finished from here stems in one direction or the other from this part.  I know what to do next because it's getting the next piece laid down from here.




You get to the top of the stairs and to your left is this door that used to go to no-mans-land.  Step wrong and you're in the dining room.  Now we have a start on the decking.  Behind me is the computer I use to build my page.  Just a side note for burglars wanting to map out the place.  If that's you, I'll save ya the time, let me know which day and I'll set the computer and camera out on the front porch for ya.  :-)





The green line shows where the decking needs to go to.  One day I will put a wall up where the green line is, and a door about where the blue box is at.  This will then separate inside space from attic space.