The Bonus Area

September 19, 2006

We're going to start finishing the bonus area.  I don't think we'll get a lot of money tied up in it, but will get a lot of work in there.

Can anyone spot which Garmin 550C came out of the Mercedes and which one came out of the Prius?   And, secondly...  Is this enough evidence to prosecute?  :-)


One of our pine trees died.  I'm 95% sure it's because the roots were sitting in clay and didn't even attempt to grow out.  The tree stayed alive as long as it did primarily on the same principals that a Christmas tree will stay green if you keep it watered.


This Milwaukee Sawsall cordless is the best tool in the basement.  We would have easily eliminated 2 weeks of conduit work in 2004 if we had this thing instead of hacksaws.  Makes me feel stupid for not thinking of it then.  I'm using it for conduit in the bonus area now and it's 100% the right tool for the job.




Mostly I used the clippers to take off the branches.


When all I had left was the stump, I just leaned on it in every direction and out it came.  I used the Sawsall to cut the trunk into foot long pieces.


I'll toss the lowest root hunk in the treeline nearby.  The rest will burn in our fire pit someday when the wind is not blowing much.


And, no tree...  We may take the next closest tree out, dig the hole bigger, put in root stimulator and good dirt and see if it makes it better.  The other trees beyond have 'taken off' and are going to be fine, I believe.


Here is the loft project.  See the stud just to the left of the level, it's about 3/8 lower than the floor joists and that big beam the level is sitting on.


Cut a 3/8 hunk of wood, liquid nails glue it on, put in some screws...


Keep it level, got about 15 of these to do.




Looking from the door toward the far end. 


We're going to put a skylight in that sloped ceiling.  Sofa on the left side...


This is the west dormer area... good place to look out over the neighborhood.


Looking back east toward the entry door.


When sitting on the sofa mentioned above, we'll be watching the TV that will be on the (yet to be built) back wall that goes just this side of that sloped 2x12.




I need to make sure I have cable tv, lan, power, lighting all figured out before I put the floor down.  It'll happen.. maybe by spring..