Can Light Install


Garmin GPS Comparrison

September 12, 2006


Doesn't this place need a light.... And, if there was one, wouldn't it be nice if it wasn't tied to 3 other honkin 2 bulb each lights?


Only one switch and it's a 3 way switch... hmmm...


Rip it out...


Try to remember that wiring pattern... it won't do you any good, but just for fun...


Cut a hole in the ceiling...  Rotozip is your friend here.



Go up in the ceiling and install the light housing.  In this case it's a Juno 6 inch can light.


Install the "Juno Airlock Trim"


Get a better light bulb... but for now, this will work.


Install a double switch.  The top half of this is a normal switch.  The bottom half is a 3 way switch.  Hook the old wiring up to the 3 way side of this thing, and the normal switch wires to the top switch.  Break out the little brass tie together tab on this thing or you'll be scratching your head as to why you flip the single switch and the 3 way side goes on and off.  This light is an excellent solution... cost about $35 bucks.  $6 for the can light housing, $17 for the airlock trim, and about $10 for the switch.  Up in the ceiling I have conduit to run for this thing still.


Carlo bought a Garmin C550 GPS after taking a look at mine.  For some reason his 'loses' the satellites while mine never does.  So we decided I would run them parallel on my way home.  They worked flawlessly for the first 40 miles or so.  Almost like twins telling me which way to turn, redrawing, etc..  Then when I was stopped at a light in Naperville, his lost contact with the sattelites and never came back up for air despite many attempts at rebooting it, stopping at Sams Club for stuff, Sams Club gas pumps, and pepboys.  When I got home his was still displaying the last intersection where it was alive.  New York street and route 59 in Naperville.


Ah hah... Unless he has a hardware glitch, maybe this is the difference.  The overall software version is 2.50.   His audio 1.50, mine 1.30.  His GPS SW version 2.60, mine 2.50.. Makes me a little hesitant to upgrade.  I wonder if Garmin can walk him through loading all my versions on his unit and if it would become reliable.


This is the other difference I could find.  I don't have proximity Alarms.  I don't even know what that is..