Some August Stuff

August 28, 2006


With any luck I can hook this on the tiller next spring and make rows to plant stuff in so flood irrigation works better.


I got it off ebay.


This is part of the tomato creation process. Wash and cut up the tomatoes, keep only the good parts.


Grind them up with this.  2 minutes on full blast.


I decided too many animals were eating the tomatoes so I picked 'em all and decided to ripen them inside.


Take all the mostly ripe ones and get ready to make sauce.


Changed the air filter about 21500 miles.  I got a decent mpg jump out of it.


This is the interior cabin air filter.  


I already chopped down 2 rows of corn.  




Got it all chopped down with a pair of hand snipers.  Too much stuff to till it in.


So, I mowed it up.




Then tilled it under.  After I tilled it, I got scissor happy with the tomatoes and tossed the limbs out in the middle.


After the air filter change, at 200 miles, 62.1mpg


Same at 332 miles.


at 464, back to 61.6.


At work, just heading home, gas station on the way.  593 miles, 61.7 mpg.


At the gas station, 602 miles, 61.5 on the meter for the tank.  That means really probably about 59mpg.



And, finally, a for-the-week tally on the gps.